How to use?

  • – Go to the desired Web site, maximize your browser window.
  • – Locate the desired area on the map and zoom to the desired scale.
  • – In order to Mapsaver automatically realize the right scrolling, you have to parameter it according to the Web site.
  • – Press the button 1 in Mapsaver (see illustrations), next click on the left/top corner of the map. To avoid capturing the toolbar, you can define the corner just below it.
  • – Press the button 2 in Mapsaver , next click on the right/bottom corner of the map.
  • – To divide output image by slices, set the steps in one part.
  • – If you would like to calibrate maps in time of grabbing, you can use GPS Calibration part of the Mapsaver

You can now Save the settings for future use; each Web site will have its own settings.

– Menu:
Settings – Load and save your current settings for future using.
Help – The link to this page and information about me.

– Map Settings:
The position of left/top and right/left bounds of map, without active elements, on the screen. You can set points by enter the coordinates or by clicking on button “Point” and dragging the  icon to he’s place on the screen.

– Capture Settings:
Delay Scroll – When Mapsaver  moving the map in map display program (Firefox), to program take time to response for her events. So need to delay Mapsaver  events according to response of display program.
Delay Capture – When Mapsaver  the map in map display program (Firefox), to load new images take some time. So you must set the parameter according to speed image loading.
Number of X/Y Steps – How match steps to do.

– Output image settings:
Divide Image X/Y – By how match steps divide the output image. Some programs that using output maps on pocket PC, take a lot time to load big image.
Map Path – The output image folder.

– With GPS calibration – Enable GPS automatic GPS calibration of output map.

– Show/Hide points – show/hide the map settings and GPS calibration points.

– GPS Calibration:
First point X/Y – The point of place that you know her GPS coordinates. You can set points by enter the coordinates or by clicking on button “Point” and dragging the icon to her place on the screen. You can use the magnifier to put the icon exactly to place of GPS coordinates.
First point Lat/Lon – The GPS coordinates of point.

Magnifier Application Window

Prior to start capturing, set the amount of horizontal and vertical steps you desire.
Press the button Start.

Know Bugs:

found by me and another users.
– Magnifier doesn’t seen to be working
– Memory out when grabbing more than 10X10 screens.

Free Donation
Click the button below to donate for Mapsaver via PayPal.


Thank you for your donation, now you can download free Mapsaver.


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