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Intended for: students, as well as others who need to quickly and inexpensively quality maps in high resolution, such as orthophoto, maps specialized portals

As we all know, all information is on the internet. You only need to select the mapping portals as needed (,,,, and others). Almost from any such website can make a screenshot with mapsaver.
Why then offer these services.

If you are interested in backing HD, those screenshots linked together. This makes it possible for the selected area to create the backing map with high resolution.
Merged into a single bitmap screenshots substrate, comprising 400 from the screenshots. Thus, it is possible to achieve even higher resolution than 4096×2160. (In my experience but with a small PC can handle RAM’s biggest show 10,000×8, 000).


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    […] entire territory. This example shows a base map high resolution 25×20 […]

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